Refractive Errors

Refractive errors comprise a group of diseases which can be corrected by refractive corrections i.e. by using glasses, or contact lens. These are myopia, hypermetropia, Astigmatism and presbyopia.


It is seen generally in childhood. In this disease patient have clear near vision but blurred distant vision. Generally diagnosed in children in age group of 8-19 yrs. Symptoms include blurred distance vision, eye strain, sometimes headaches, watering of eyes.

This is corrected by prescribing either glasses or contact lenses by an eye specialist.


Astigmatism is the condition which is caused by uneven shape of cornea and hence the uneven refraction resulting in blurred or distorted vision at all distances. Generally cornea is evenly round like volleyball, but in astigmatism some area of cornea become more round as is seen in a football. Symptoms of astigmatism include eye strain, headaches, distorted or blurred vision at all distances, difficulty in seeing during night.

This is corrected by prescribing either glasses or contact lenses by an eye specialist.


This is the condition in which one can see distant objects clearly but not the near objects. This may develop both in children and old age. This is because of defective refraction that forms image behind the retina. The symptoms of this disease are eye strain, headache, watering of eyes and difficulty in seeing near objects or reading books. This is corrected by prescribing either glasses or contact lenses by an eye specialist.


This is an age related condition in which patient is not able to focus on the near objects. This is because of hardening of lens material and hence the poor accommodation power due to which image is formed behind the retina and patient faces problems in near vision. The symptoms include eye strain, headache, watering of eyes sometimes and difficulty in seeing near objects.

This is corrected by prescribing either glasses or contact lens by an eye specialist.

Treatment of refractive Errors:

 Human eyes are not made to do a lot of stressed near work. But because of today’s life style, our eyes have to bear a lot of stress. As a result the person suffers from refractive errors. Ayurveda has rejuvenating medicines that neutralize the effect of today’s stressed life style over eyes, strengthening eye muscles, making lens material elastic and thus correcting refractive errors, But there is a limitation to the above said result. The stressed life style has to be avoided till the treatment continues for refractive corrections. Eye exercises and Ayurvedic procedures are found to be supportive in correcting refractive errors in children between age group of 5-13. Once a permanent mechanical change develops in the shape of eye ball, then it is not possible to reverse the changes. Hence the cases with early diagnosis, less damage, healthy life style and reduced eye stress respond better than the cases with late diagnosis, more damage and stressed life style. The major treatment procedures done for the treatment of refractive errors are as follows.

  • Nethradhara
  • Anjana
  • Aschotanam
  • Nasya
  • Tharpanam
  • Ayurvedic Oral Medicines.