Vegetarian diet during ayurvedic treatment, why?
Usually vegetarian diet is recommended. While doing ayurvedic treatments the digestive fire of a person can be less. It has to be utilized to digest both the food & medicines .it also helps in supporting the body by cleansing it during the ayurvedic treatment.

What is  pulse diagnosis?
Pulse diagnosis- examination of pulse is only one of the methods to get an idea about the balance and imbalance of doshas in a patient’s body and mind. It will not give a complete picture of the imbalance in a person’s body.other diagnostic tools are also used by the doctors.

Why no heavy work outs during the treatments?
Physical & mental exertion should be avoided or minimized during ayurvedic treatments .so vigorous physical exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling, weight training etc. Will not be allowed during some treatments.

What is prakruthi?
Prakruthi or body type of a person is determined at the time of conception based on the combinations of panchabhuta. This manifests in the body with differing dominance of vata, pitha and kapha.

Are you using modern diagnostic services in your centers?
For getting a better idea about the patients condition we utilize modern diagnostic methods like blood tests etc. If required, the patient will be sent to the nearest Lab for the tests.

Can i keep taking my medication when using ayurveda?  

Ayurveda can be used in conjunction with western allopathic medicine. It is very important to let your ayurveda practitioner know what medications you are on, so he can recommend the appropriate ayurveda regime for you.

How does ayurveda work? 

 The main purpose of our organism is to keep us alive. That is its function, its duty. Ayurveda’s main objective is to balance the doshas according to your original constitution. When the doshas are in balance, the organism can function properly. Ayurveda focuses on removing the underlying cause of symptoms, which are the result of doshic imbalance. For that purpose, ayurveda uses medicinal herbs, cooking methods, rejuvenating therapies, and daily routines (called dinacharya). A diet and lifestyle in harmony with your original constitution will strengthen your body, mind, and consciousness, and prevent disorders at all levels.

How  soon will i see any results with ayurveda? 

 That would depend on your particular state of health, your lifestyle, and how disciplined you are in following an ayurvedic regime. Often times, following an ayurvedic regime can have rather quick effects, but since ayurveda is a holistic system and herbs act more gently and synergistically, patience and self-effort are important. As far as diet and lifestyle changes are concerned, we believe that slow change is lasting change, since trying to make radical changes all at once can often times become overwhelming.

Is my treatment medically supervised?   

Our resident doctors sets up your ayurveda treatment program and monitors your progress throughout.

What is Panchakarma?     

Panchkarma is a very profound purification and rejuvenation program that balances the body, mind and consciousness and is the central aspect of ayurveda’s rejuvenation program. Panchakarma promotes health, longevity, and happiness through soothing herbal treatments, using massage and related ayurveda procedures.

What should i bring with me?   

We advise our patients to arrive here with as little as possible. For your stay you will need to bring loose fitting clothes. If you are planning to visit some of the attractions around Ayurdhama, you will also need suitable clothes for  this. From november to february it is winter time so in evenings  we suggest bringing some heavier clothing if you’re coming at this time.

Will i be able to do any sightseeing while receiving ayurveda treatment ?    

 Depending upon the nature of ayurevda treatments, also depending uopn the stages of the treatment we will suggest you to for sightseeing around ayurdhama.

What currencies are accepted in Ayurdhama hospital and how to change my currency ?

Currencies in ayurdhama are accepted in Indian rupees only. You can change foreign currency into the national currency at most banks in Sullia.

If i have to come in flight which airport do I have to book my flight to and who collects me at air port?

The nearest airport is Mangalore airport,Which is Located 76 km from Ayurdhama. From Mangalore Airport if you wish we will organize your trip as long as we are aware of your flight details ( time of arrival and flight number ). Hospital staff will await you outside the airport terminal. The trip to the hospital takes about 60 minutes by taxi.