Panchakarma Training Course
for Ayurvedic Doctors

Eligibility : BAMS.

Duration : 1 months.

Certificate : From Ayurdhama Health care Ltd.

Course Fee : INR 60,000/- ( including food & accommodation)

Why Ayurdhama Hospital ?

There is a big lack of institutions all around country where B.A.M.S. graduates can be taught the right way to practice Panchakarma and this is the effort to develop the skills in you. When you talk about training centers for Ayurvedic doctors Ayurdhama is the model center with their professional way of teaching and experience in ayurveda. The main planning of this Panchakarma Course is aimed to make you a expert in keraliya panchakarma procedures and to give a  better shape to your carrier.

Also marketing is a big problem with Ayurvedic Graduates and we have enrolled some eminent persons from marketing field to make sure that they will give you a proper insight how you can develop a better ayurvedic centre or how to open a Ayurvedic hospital for yourself and how you can market your services.

The main points for this course are-

> Revisiting keraliya Ayurveda with a practical approach.

> Applying Ayurvedic principles in practice of Ayurveda.

> Understanding Panchakarma from a new viewpoint.

> Patient assessment

> Planning for Panchakarma Centre or a ayurvedic hospital

> Applying knowledge about Pathya-Apathya

> Exposure to different types of ayurvedic medicines and its uses in different diseases.

> How, what, when about Panchakarma procedures

> Marketing of the ayurvedic Services to the society.

Mode of payment:

Advance payment of 30,000 should be paid to book the seat and remaining 30,000 rupees can be paid on the first day of commencement of course.

Course Starts on :

1 st of every month.

Course specialties: 

Classes and Practical training handled by expert doctors. Personal attention for each student.

Free study materials for all students which contains printed notes for each student.

Clinical training for students in our full fledged AyurDhama Ayurvedic Hospital.

Things to bring:

Xerox copy of Two passport size photos.

Xerox copy of B.A.M.S degree certificate.

Xerox copy of SSLC mark card.

Classes and practical demonstration on special panchakarma therapies of Kerala: 

Sarvanga abhyanga Sthanika abhyangaPizhichil (Sarvanga Dhara)
Nadee swedaBashpasweda Choornapinda sweda (Choorna kizhi)
Pathrapinda sweda (Ilakkizhi) Shashtikasalipinda sweda(Navara kizhi)
Shashtikasalee Alepa (Annalepa) Valookasweda
Upanahasweda Avagahasweda
Muttakkizhi Pichu-Sthanika
Vasthy- Sthanika Dhara- Sthanika
Vamana Virechana
Shirovasthy Shirodhara
Takradhara Ksheeradhara
Thalam Snehapana
Akshitarpana Pindi & Vidalaka
Netraprakshalana Eye exercises
Annalepana for eye Kizhisweda
Dhoomapana Karnapoorana
Karnadhoopana Ksharasoothra
Matravasthy Anuvasanavasthy
Kashayavasthy Utharavasthy
Sarvanga kashaya parisheka Jaloukavacharana
Prachchaana Agnikarma
Netradhara Netra parisheka
Nasya Aschothana
Anjana Kshara karma in arshas
Kshara sootra in fistula Ishtika sweda
Swarna prashana preparation MARMA (Vital Energy Points)
Various Ayurvedic Treatments Commonly Used Oils & Uses
Ayurvedic Dietic Concepts Ayurveda Massages
Different Panchakarma Treatments Different types of Massages in Ayurveda

Reservation Payment Details:

We are committed to keep up the quality of our training programs and we take only limited number of students each month. So we advice students to reserve their seat well in advance.

  1. To secure reservation in the program, 50% of the total course fees should be paid in advance.
  2. The advance fee deposit can not be refunded at any point of time.
  3. The advance fee deposit will be deducted from the total course fee and the balance must be paid on the first day of the training program.
  4. Student can also make full payment in advance for reserve the seat.

Apply Now
We offer 10% discount on course fee for registrations of 5 or more persons in a team. For further details and queries write us to