Distant Learning Ayurveda
Certificate Program

Ayurveda for Multiple Sclerosis

Duration: 6 months

Course fee: INR 46,000 /    USD 721/    EUR 589

Distant Learning Program in Ayurveda ( 6 Months )

Distant learning program in Ayurvedic massage and Panchakarma therapy will help you to learn ayurveda through internet. Students who join this course will get their lessons in ayurveda through e-mail / Post depending on their choice.

 This course is of six months duration and is divided in to six modules. Each module is sub divided into two sections and the students will get each sections in two week intervals. At the end of each month students will also get a set of questions to work out. After finishing the course students will have to submit a paper on any of the subject of ayurveda.

This special program also incorporates virtual classroom for the students through the internet. This course is designed in such a way to give a thorough knowledge about ayurveda in about six months. After completing the course the students can under go ten days in house training at our hospital in different types of ayurvedic treatments. our doctors will clear the doubts of the students through e-mail.

Reservation Payment Details:

We are committed to keep up the quality of our training programs and we take only limited number of students each month. So we advice students to reserve their seat well in advance.

  1. To secure reservation in the program, 50% of the total course fees should be paid in advance.
  2. The advance fee deposit can not be refunded at any point of time.
  3. The advance fee deposit will be deducted from the total course fee and the balance must be paid on the first day of the training program.
  4. Student can also make full payment in advance for reserve the seat.

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We offer 10% discount on course fee for registrations of 5 or more persons in a team. For further details and queries write us to ayurdhama4you@gmail.com