Ayurveda Panchakarma Courses
for Foreigners

AyurDhama Ayurveda is a global leader in Ayurvedic Education. We offer different courses from the basics of Ayurveda to advanced practical programs for foreigners.

COURSES OFFERED COURSE FEE (Including Accommodation)
Programme Duration Indian Rs US $ Euro Details
Ayurveda Stress Management 7 days 22,000 360 330 view more
Basic Ayurveda 7 days 22,000 360 330 view more
Advanced Ayurveda 15 days 36,000 580 540 view more
Ayurveda & Panchakarma- Advanced 1 month 48,000 770 720 view more
Diploma course in Ayurveda & Panchakarma 2 months 86,000 1380 1280 view more
Distant Learning Program in Ayurveda 6 Months 24,000 390 360 view more

Course Schedule:

  1. Ayurveda stress management course ( 7 days) – 1st of every month. (View More…)
  2. Basic Ayurveda course ( 7days) – 1st of every month. (View More…)
  3. Advanced Ayurveda course ( 15 days) – 1st of every month. (View More…)
  4. Ayurveda & Panchakarma – Advanced course (1 month) – 1st of every month. (View More…)
  5. Diploma Course in Ayurveda and panchakarma ( 2 months) – 1st of every month. (View More…)
  6. Distance learning programme in Ayurveda- 1 st of every month. (View More…)

Medium of instruction :

All our Training Programs are conducted in English, our teachers explain the topics in an easy way to understand manner with minimal use of technical terms.

Class timings :

  1.  The classes are from Monday to Friday, extra sessions will be conducted on Saturdays if required.  If the students are slow to pick up lessons we take extra sessions on Saturdays.
  2.  The day starts with lessons by 7 am with the Yoga Session (if opted) and the session ends at 9 am, then students go for the breakfast.
  3.  The Ayurveda session  starts at 10.30 am and continues till 12:30 pm. 12:30 to 2 pm is the lunch break and the students meet again by 2 pm for the afternoon session, which will ends at 4 pm.

Food and accommodation:

  1.  Food will be provided according to your choice( South Indian, North Indian or Chinese food).
  2.  Accommodation will be provided with free 24 hours of internet and TV with all international channels.

Course specialties:

  1.  Theory Classes and Practical training handled by expert doctors with BAMS & M.D. Personal attention for each student.
  2.  Free study materials for all students which contains printed notes for each course they attend.
  3.  Free practical training kit containing 3 body oils, 1 hair oil, 2 face creams and a herbal bathing powder.

Reservation  payment details:

We are committed to keep up the quality of our training programs and we take only limited number of students each month. So we advice students to reserve their seat well in advance.

  1.  The 50% fee of the course should be paid in advance. Advance deposit must be paid to secure reservation in the program.
  2.  The deposit will be deducted from the total course fee and the balance must be paid on the first day of the training program.

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